Kyle Ancheta
Frontend Developer

Hello there 👋

I'm Kyle, a frontend developer open for hire! In the world of tech, I primarily consider myself a product designer but I've always enjoyed the nuance and technicalities of building software, and making websites in general.

Though I have a degree in computer science, I consider myself self-taught as most of my developer knowledge I gained after my degree... But it still developed (heh) my problem-solving abilities and I learned some useful things, such as Big O notation and graph thory. Regardless of my timeline, I'm glad to say I'm now at a point where I can be that bridge between developer teams and the user experience. 🌉



My little playground to practice my frontend skills. Built with modern React, utilizing the pokeAPI. Features include: dark mode, a theme selector, Pokemon party selection/randomization, and viewing Pokemon stats.

Project concepts:


A tutorial project, an AirBnB-like app with vans, exploring the features of React Router. Features include authenticated routes and basic user authentication. Optimized for mobile…

Project concepts:


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